What are Latex Gloves, their Uses, and Benefits?

Latex Powder-Free Gloves

Latex gloves are made from latex – a kind of natural rubber that is processed from a plant. It is the most flexible and resilient material to make disposal gloves for research and examination work. Latex is also used to manufacture products such as boots, bags, condoms, and many others because of its unique features.

Latex gloves were in invented in 1889 by a surgeon named William Steward Halsted in order to protect medical staff from harmful chemicals and bloodborne pathogens. Today, they are used as protective gloves in a variety of applications across industries. Some of the most common industries where latex gloves are used are healthcare, dental, child care, senior care, veterinary, food services, food processing, manufacturing, cleaning, and janitorial services. You can get latex powdered gloves or Latex Powder-Free Gloves depending on your application type.

Benefits of Latex Gloves

Incredible elasticity

Latex offers incredible elasticity over other materials. It offers a better fit on skin, finger, and wrist than other synthetic options such as nitrile and vinyl. Due to their high elastic nature, latex gloves are incredibly dexterous and tactile to offer better control for carrying out different procedures. It also prevents liquids and chemicals from getting underneath your gloves.


Latex is bio-degradable in nature and degrades over time that makes it one of the fantastic materials to make disposal gloves. It makes them environment-friendly as they naturally decay and don’t damage the Earth.

Tear and puncture protection

Latex gloves are difficult to tear, rip, or break accidentally that makes them incredibly protective. It reduces the risk of contamination while using chemicals and other harmful products.

Available in different thickness

Latex gloves come in different think for different applications and use across industries. Thinner gloves are best for medical examinations while thicker gloves are used in cleaning and sanitization works.

FDA approved

Latex Gloves are FDA-approved to provide better protection from harmful chemicals, bloodborne pathogens, and other contaminants during industrial and medical procedures.


Disposal latex gloves are used across industries at large scales. Due to the high demand for a variety of applications, they are incredibly affordable for all kinds of commercial facilities.

Where to buy them?

If you are looking to buy latex gloves for commercial or personal use, contact a professional and reputed manufacturer and supplier for your needs. You can buy them in different sizes and thickness as per your industrial applications. For high-quality latex gloves at an affordable price, Contact Shanghai Chemicals to buy them in any quantity as per your requirement.

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