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N-ethyl Hexylone

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N-ethyl Hexylone is the new emergent Novel Psychoactive Substance (NPS) that is classified as a novel stimulant and substituted cathinone. It is an off-white substance and is not currently scheduled. The novel stimulants have caused stimulant-like effects, similar to amphetamines. It has also caused adverse events, like physical issues and even death. Structurally, it is similar to pentylone, pentylone, methylone, ethylone, and butylone.

Chemistry of Hexylone

Hexylone is a research chemical that is also known as HEXEN; NEH; a-ethylaminocaprophenone and N- ethylnorhexedrone. It is in the cathinone group and the stimulation is caused by its affinity as an NDRI (norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake inhibitor). The HEXEN is in close relation with Hexedrone, with an added ethyl-group on the carbon chain containing the nitrogen. There is very little data yet available about the metabolism, toxicity of N-Ethyl-hexedrone, and pharmacological properties.

Formula (IUPAC) N-ethyl Hexylone: 1- (1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl) -2- (ethylamino) -1-hexanone,monohydrochloride. N-ethyl Hexylone as a cathinone causes intense arousal, stimulation, and euphoria. You can buy N-ethyl Hexylone online right now at EXDECHEM.

N-ethyl Hexylone is a designer drug intended for research and forensic analysis. N-ethyl Hexylone is produced in a modern pharmaceutical laboratory in compliance with all quality standards.

It needs to be kept in a cool and dry place. We are the online Hexylone powder suppliers with the best products.

Drug Abuse and its Effects

There is limited research data on the drug abuse potential of Hexylone. It is classified as a synthetic cathinone and its anecdotal evidence indicates that it is associated with compulsive abuse. The initial euphoric effects lead to the attempt to reuse of the substance. Thus, it can be said that the chemical has the potential for abuse. The drugs related to the Hexylone produce physical dependence and thus the abuse can be hard to neglect. The symptoms associate with the drugs is emotional or psychological as opposed to physical symptoms like vomiting & nausea.

Substituted cathinones are modified based on the structure of cathinone, an alkaloid found in the Khat plant. Novel stimulants have been reported to cause stimulant-like effects, similar to amphetamines. Novel stimulants have also caused adverse events, including deaths, as described in the literature. Structurally similar compounds include N-ethyl pentylone, pentylone, methylone, and butylone. Buy N-ethyl Hexylone at a great price from our store, like none other.

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